5 top tips for a sparkler exit

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5 top tips for a sparkling exit

Are you planning on having sparklers at your wedding to create some memorable images?

If so, great stuff - here are a few top tips for how to get the best out of them!


1. Check with your venue first

Most venues will be totally cool with sparkler exits, so long as you check with them first about where they are comfortable with them happening. Oh - and let us know before the wedding too - we can then plan for the best place to get the pictures come dusk on your wedding day.


2. Go long!

Sparklers come in different sizes. Trust us, its worth those few extra pennies on getting the longest ones you can. Regular sparklers burn fast = no time for lots of photos. So, the bigger they are, the more beautiful we can make the pictures, yay! We say 'go big' every time :D



3. Be ready to make a dash outside

We'll keep an eye on the fading light and make sure we get everything ready for the moment. The best time for sparklers is at dusk - so when it's time, we'll encourage you and your guests outside as quickly as possible to capture the shots. Usually it'll only take about ten minutes, so everyone can then get back to the party!


4. Take it slow...

When you walk down the 'sparkling tunnel,' it's important to take it slowly - it means you can enjoy the moment, and enables us to be able to focus the camera perfectly in these low light conditions. No need to rush, just take it all in!


5. Go with the flow!

Forget about us, forget about the pictures and just embrace the emotion. This is a wonderful moment, everyone is cheering and having fun - we love it when couples interact with their guests. They dance, smile, kiss - whatever takes you! It's about keeping it real, and we bloomin' love that.


Like what you see? we hope so! If you do - get in touch with us at butterflyeffect@mail.com so we chat about the plans for your big day!




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