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The Boat House Wedding Photography // Leanne + Shaun

November 07, 2017  •  15 Comments


"Thanks for the photos - the slideshow is absolutely amazing and the pictures are incredible.  We're so glad you were both part of our day. You've both been amazing!"



Well, what can I say to top that? What. A. Day. I mean, I don’t know about the guests, but it was pretty epic for us! Tears, laughter, cool beards, singing waiters, tequila slammers (that make you pull all sorts of faces) and, at the heart of it all, an awful lot of love. 

Whilst the day was great from beginning to end, I’d be lying if I didn’t mention my favourite part – the singing waiters (http://thebestsingingwaiters.com/).

Only Leanne, Shaun, Kristian and I knew about this treat. At the end of the speeches two of the chaps who had been serving dinner and drinks announced an “off the cuff toast,” only then to burst into a full blown set of covers that got everyone dancing their dinner away – a set that would have made Bruno Mars and Van Morrison green with envy. I’ve never seen anything like it!

A serious temptation to bust out a few shapes instead of taking photos. Take a look at their Facebook page – talented entertainment well worth considering

Anyway…here’s a few frames from Leanne and Shaun’s wonderful day. Enjoy!






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