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Norwich Cathedral Wedding Photography // Victoria + Aaron

December 21, 2017  •  4 Comments


"Oh my bloody God, I'm crying my eyes out. It's just incredible...stunning, amazing! I genuinely can't say the words to give them justice. God, I'm so incredibly gobsmacked at the beauty. THANK YOU SO SO MUCH!!!!"


D'ya know what, I don't think we've even seen a couple any smilier on their wedding day than these two. Totally happy, absolutely besotted. Trust me, you could feel it all around ya.

There's hardly a frame without a smile in it, and we bloody loved that! And as for mother of the bride, what a legend, had us in fits from 8am onwards!!

Victoria and Aaron got married at Norwich Cathedral, so we stuck around for while after the reception with just us four and the wedding film makers Peter and David (Dreamcapture - thoroughly lovely chaps!) to make the most of this stunning place. 

Southwood Hall followed, and that never disappoints either - beaut of a venue we've been lucky enough to shoot at twice this year, and for the second time in a row we finished with a lovely sparkler exit! 

Seriously though, what a day this was. Victoria and Aaron = the best of human kind.

Feast your eyes on this...


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