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Stoke Mill Wedding Photography // Charlotte + Will

December 23, 2017  •  4 Comments


"As soon as we met them, we knew they were right for us - calm, relaxed and passionate about their work. On our wedding day, this passion came through and they were just as excited to get the best shots. When our photos came through they surpassed all our expectations and we are so pleased with them. Thank you guys for creating some special pictures for us which we can now look back on for years to come!"


Ah what a lovely way to round of the 2017 season - with this gorgeous wedding, and these two wonderful people.

When we met Charlotte and Will at Stoke Mill, we chatted through the importance of getting those all important wall hangers - all we needed now was a kind helping of weather throughout the day...

My word...did the heavens open - from the church service onwards it bucketed it down, and by the time we got to Stoke Mill it was hailing!!

Did that bother Charlotte and Will - did it heck. They just got on with it, and let us get on with capturing all the wonderful emotions going on through the day. Mind you, we were both still hugging the windows during dinner, looking for any break in the weather. And, just when it never looked possible, we were literally treated to ten minutes (I swear on the kids lives!), ten minutes of blazing sunshine in-between main course and dessert. Boom!

Cue a scramble outside by us four to make the most of this treat and boy were we lucky. Shortly after being inside the weather changed again, and we all danced away the night.

Oh, hang on- did I mention THE BEST ever best man's speech I've ever heard! Seriously, this guy wins hands down - singing the whole speech to Disney Frozen's"Let it go".

It. Bought. The. House. Down.


I'm not even sure the pictures do his speech justice - but take a look for yourselves and let me know what you think!


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