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The golden hour

January 13, 2018  •  2 Comments


The golden hour

The golden hour. Pretty much THE best time to take photos. Period.

When it comes to weddings, this 'hour' is when the magic happens.

Why I hear you ask? 

Well...as the sun dips towards its final dance over the horizon, the light literally turns gold, painting everything around it with soft romantic light. Perfect for some couple photos!

Whilst the majority of our photography is purely documentary - it's during this period that we'll look to borrow you newlyweds for 15 minutes or so. This is when we can create some of those all important wall hangers!


When does it happen?

The golden 'hour' is figurative, and totally depends on the weather, and time of year. But it will typically happen on the hour leading up to the sun setting. We'll be keeping an eye on the light throughout the day, ready to grab the opportunity.



What do you have to do?

Well...nothing really. We'll keep an eye out, and if we spot an opportunity, we'll have already scouted out the best locations. But...sometimes it may involve a dash for a clear horizon! Last year, along with our couples, we legged it out of venues, hiked across fields and climbed over fences, just to get to the best light. And boy was it worth it!



Honestly though, golden hour couple shots are never mandatory - we'll always shape the photography to what you want. But, if we spot some lovely light, or a beautiful sunset, we'll promise we'll give you the option. That might mean jumping outside in-between desserts and speeches (seriously, we did that last year! Ha!), but it means you always have the choice, and it might just be the moments we get your best couple shots!


Do you fancy getting involved in golden hour? If so - hit us up at butterflyeffect@mail.com - we'd love to hear your wedding plans!



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